Terms of Use

1. Introduction

For the purposes of this notice, the term »website« comprises all web pages at the address: http://www.imex-trade.si

2. Contents of Website

All contents found at this website are of an informative nature and intended primarily for informing.  IMEX TRADE d.o.o. undertakes to devote all its efforts to ensuring that the information provided at this website is truthful, reliable and on a high quality level. However, IMEX TRADE d.o.o. shall not be responsible for any eventual printing errors and delays or deficiencies in the entry of updated information.

3. Copyright Protection

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4. Privacy Protection

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The data that you enter at our website will be sent to us via the site in unencrypted electronic form, which is why such data may also be available to third parties. To protect your identity and privacy, do not enter any personal information which you do not wish to be disclosed.

5. External Links

Our website also features links to web pages that are not part of this website. We shall not bear any responsibility for the contents of such web pages.

6. Changes in Terms and Conditions

IMEX TRADE d.o.o. reserves the right to make any changes in these Terms of Use without prior notice. The changes shall come into effect immediately after their announcement. Owing to these rights, you are kindly requested to read the rules and conditions of use upon every visit to our website.

7. Applicable Law

The interpretation of and any legal questions in connection with the use of materials published on these web pages shall be subject exclusively to the application of Slovene law. Any claims or disputes in connection with the use of the previously mentioned materials shall be resolved by the competent court in Ljubljana.

8. Conclusion

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