About Us

»IMEX TRADE LLC. – Your guide for body care and well-being. «

IMEX TRADE LLC. Is a family business founded in 1990 which primarily specialized in cosmetics and body care. Until 2010, import and distribution of cosmetic products and accessories was our core business yet global forces fundamentally changed the way company operates today.

Our Beauty and Care segment is marketed exclusively in specialty POS points, drug stores, pharmacies, shopping malls, etc. Hair care products, such as Hairdreams and Stop&Grow can be found in partner salons in Slovenia and Croatia.

Our marketing strategy has been completely renovated in the last decade as we introduced a new market segment Outdoor Fitness & Fun, which in years since introduction became our core business segment with huge international potential. Outdoor sporting areas are becoming more popular and our goal is to bring this fitness and health trend back to the nature. Our slogan »Your daily bit of fit« encourages people towards daily active exercises and supports our cooperation with local governments, municipalities, sport clubs and foundations to fight against phyicial inactivity and promote that »Healthy mind lives in a healthy body«.