Sporting Areas and Safety

Safety is the pinnacle of our concern – and it should be! At IMEX TRADE, we manage construction projects of sporting areas with great due diligence and high concern for safety. Accidents happen frequently and the choice of adequate flooring is of critical importance for ensuring a safe recreational field. We consult and offer numerous flooring solutions, from anti traumatic rubber tiles, mesh tiles to wood chips, sand, etc. Flooring systems are placed in predetermined safe zones of each equipment. We strictly follow EU guidelines from safety standards and prevent injuries that could have serious consequences for the users.

  • Protective flooring tiles have become standard practice in sporting field planning. Whether it be children playgrounds, sport arena or a simple footpath, the choice of appropriate flooring is essential. In Outdoor Fitness & Fun, we believe safety deserves the best and we chose C+K, a leading German brand, specializing in urban flooring systems that ensure a safe and amusing recreation for everyone. See more about their products on their website.