Hair Extension and Hair Thickening Systems

For over 20 years we consult and help our clients making their hair dreams come true with Hairdreams, the world-renowned system of hair extension and hair thickening. Just recently, Hairdreams developed a revolutionary system Stop&Grow which renews hair roots and accelerates hair growth up to 23% in just 90 days!

  • Hairdreams is a leading international luxury brand offering professional solutions for hair extension and hair thickening. With its headquarters in Graz, Austria, Hairdreams applies innovative, patented technology to luxury, hand-selected and 100% natural hair, which can be invisibly integrated with clients’ hair. A significant change in volume, hair length and color can be achieved within hours and without any chemical procedure. Hairdreams system opens news possibilities for innovative and creative stylists and celebrities around the world. For more information, visit Hairdreams website.
  • Stop&Grow is a revolutionary offspring from Hairdreams, an innovative system for hair loss which uses its patented formula to mitigate hair loss, renew hair roots and accelerates hair growth up to 23% in only 90 days! For more information about Stop&Grow therapy, please contact our hair loss experts in Hairdreams Center or visit the official Stop&Grow website.