Playground Equipment

Key function of every intergenerational sport park is movement incentive and mutual interaction – fun. Fun is child’s most cherished present and we want everyone to experience it. Our selection includes diverse children playground assemblies for little babies as well as your average teenagers! Playground equipment is designed on exploratory and imaginary concepts, that attract children’s minds and combine sports with fun and knowledge. All playground equipment is appropriately certified or declared according to the EU safety standards that ensure safe and pleasant exercise.

  • We are proud to introduce Buglo, a leading European brand with highly innovative robust products in our product assortment. Buglo’s brand creates unforgettable moments to millions of children around the world aged from 1-14 years. Their products, numerous color modifications and urban decorations cater to every wish one might have. See more about their products on Buglo’s official website.
  • Stilum is a brand of German roots, famous for its stainless steel, high-quality products offering long lifespans and low maintenance costs. Their playground equipment stems on an innovative and unique design, conceptualized to trigger children’s imagination and make the play even more amusing! Sales assortment includes swings, carousels, climb assemblies, spring riders and playground complexes. See more about their products on their website.
  • JMP is a European company with over 17 year of experiences in production and development of children playground equipment. Their products are conceptualized from natural materials with a high commitment towards social responsibility. Equipment is made out of solid, impregnated wood, combined with innovative and entertaining elements that will inspire every child playing. Their sales assortment includes swings, playgrounds, trampolines, urban décor and much more. See more about their products on their website.